My 22nd Birthday  

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Yesterday was my 22nd birthday.. But im not so old..hehe..
erm..Thanks for those yg wish my bday especially my family n friends.. Im so glad to receive it eventhough Shahril lmbat bbrape jam.. But its okay.. Atleast ko igt gak kt aku yer..
Erm.. Agak ramai yg wish me n give me present.. Thanks yer.. :D
Maz n Nai.. both of u never forget my bday.. Tp Maz.. I waiting a present from u.. da brape tahun u xpnh bg taw.. hehe.. :P
Nways, there someone yg aku sgt2 brharap die akn igt to wish me.. But aku tnggu smpai kul 12mlm pn still xde single msg dr die.. hurm..
Mybe aku da xberguna pd die.. I really2 sorry cz making u mad.. But seyesly.. i just hope u send me a short msg 'happy bday', that will make me fly to the moon.. Tp xde pun.. Erm.. mybe its all my fault.. Tahla.. I do tried so hard to solve our prob.. But i sntiasa xbrjaya.. forgive me ye.. I xtdo yesterday cz thinkin of what i've done.. Erm.. mmg i slh.. mybe i terdesak nk baik dgn u semula.. I wont disturb u lg dah.. i think i have to make some sacrifice.. Hope u will understand knp i doing all this yg u ckp 'psycho' nie.. n pagi td u ckp u sgt2 benci i.. Erm.. I da xleh watpe.. Lg i pujuk, lg u benci.. nie la sshnye when i already go feeling to someone.. im thinkin bout her 24/7.. hope that i can hear she is happy.. Tp aku cm bg die lg tension jer.. adeh.. i really dnt knw what to do.. Maybe sumday, i will recover back.. mcm tyme u leave me alone dlu.. Insyaallah..
Till then..


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bday u 22nd july gak ek..?
happy blated bday...
(blogwalking jup...)

July 24, 2009 at 3:25 PM

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