This might be the end.. :(  

Posted by Bart Persie in

I think its been awhile i didnt write anythin on my blog..
Ntahla..mybe i just dont have enough skill or attraction to have many followers just like others..
Maybe im not as popular as some people..pnuh je pengikut diorg..
Maybe im so lazy and buzy these days..
Maybe nobody want to read my blog..
And maybe its time for me to retire from write anythin on this blog..
Oh..i hates it but i have to do it..
So, i hope all the best for you all..Have the nice time blogging!

P/s : Should i retire from this blogging or not?Please put your comment,vote whether 'yes' or 'no' and reason why you think so..I will stop blogging if:
1)The vote call it the end of road for me
2)insufficient of voters
3)I gave up.