I'm so sorry..  

Posted by Bart Persie in

These few days are so retarded to me...
There are plenty of good things but not to forget about bad things...
But those bad things are tend to be remembered since it was so painful.

First of all, the semester break already started. It's about 2 weeks passed now.
But i'm just sit home and counting days to get a job.
Technically i can say that i'm so boring now.
And it makes me so uncomfortable..

Then I got a problem with my love one AGAIN. I’m so sorry dear because I mad at u. I know that this is not me; being an anger person. I tried to calm myself down and be myself but I can’t. I know that you are hurting. I am very sorry for hurting you but do give me some time and I promise I’ll be myself again.

When i thinking back of what we had been through, i know that you really loves me..
But how could you suddenly turn your back on me?
It's so hard for me to accept this situation. You always said that the problem came from you..
You know that i will never do the same to you. No matter what happened. It will always be NEVER!

I realize that you are not happy now.. thinking about problems and about your feeling..
I'm so sorry.. I just need you.. Only you Elle.. I can't do anything wise when I felt I'm not with you..
Please try to understand me and give me a chance to prove that i really love you and i'm so special for you..
Atleast just stay with me till the day that i die..