Its all about Khubaib.  

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Most of people wondering what is the meaning of 'Khubaib'
To tell you frankly, I didn't know it either..

But some of my friend who also 'Khubaib' give their opinion about it.
One man told me that it means a clever & intelligent man and another told me that it means Ruler or Sultan.

But yet again, it is not exact meaning.. But all i can confirmed that Khubaib is a name of sahabi (Prophet PBUH companion). Or in Malaysia, we call it sahabat Rasulullah SAW.

His name was Khubaib Bin Abi. Prophet PBUH send him to teach Islam under Ashim bin Tsabit but they were arrested. Ashim bin Tsabit ask them to fight but all of them died except Khubaib bin Adi and Zaid bin Datsanah.

Then Khubaib Bin Abi had been transfer to Mekkah. He been surrender to Quraisy people as the lost reward in Badar War. Quraisy put a death sentence to Khubaib Bin Abi.

Before he's been punished, he wish to perform 2 rakaat prayer. Then he said, ' If it is not because scared of die, then i will add another rakaat'.

Quraisy people ask him, 'how about if we exchange you with Prophet PBUH to be at your position(Waiting for death sentence)?'. Then he replied 'For Allah, I won't let myself stay healthy with my family, while Prophet PBUH don't.'

Finally he is dead under death sentence by Quraisy.

It is really a sad story.. But He is so brave. I admire him so much and i hope i will be like him as well. Insyaallah..

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