Oh my foot..:'(  

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Its been 3 weeks since the day i picked up my foot(leg) injury.
It was the result of a hard tackle by one of the opponent's player.
Might be my joint was dislocated..
And there is no recover sign yet since i do feel the pain everyday..
I always got myself injured but this time is a bit serious..
Oh..I've been through this hell for quite some times ..
Bila lah maw sembuh nih.. :(

Where is the love?  

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Did you guys ever thought what is actually mean by love?
Oh..for me it is undescribable. It is a phenomenon which will happened to everyone.
Nobody can escape from it. Some people do feel it in an early age and the others on their later stages.
Almost a complete year i try to convince myself that love is a bad thing and it always bring disasters to some hearts. Even on last week Valentine's day, i keep on saying to myself that i never celebrate it before and i shouldn't celebrate the V-day because of many negative factors. But the truth is i just lied to myself and make me feel better. Duhh.. It really sound like a looser.

Like myself, i do felt that way too before. My heart was broken twice and it is so fragile now. That is why i try my best not to get involve with it. But the result is always the same. 'Bart..You cannot lie to yourself that you really need someone to love and to be loved'.

For those who had been on the same boat as mine, you guys might know what did i feel.. Sad, alone, aware and in the same time keeping some hope.
Oh..I don't know what happen to me lately..I've become so coward and keep on hiding my feeling. Did this happen to you guys aswell? I've got this feeling before but it was a long time ago and i managed to overcome with it. But now i don't know what should i do..Do i have to keep on hiding my feeling forever till i will regret someday? Or do i have to try to face the truth that i will never be a gentleman who proudly say 'I love you' to the girl that i like?
Oh God.. Did my romantic days already over??

But last night i dream of a girl. She came to me and whisper to me that she was sorry because keep me waiting and she admit that she really loves me. Oh.. I really dont want to wake up this morning. My handphone wake me up for subuh prayer.. :'(

When i think it back about my dream last night..Is there any girl out there that can accept me?Is there any girl that still can tell a guy that she likes that guy first?Is there any girl that will try her best to win my heart(Oh..i really2 missed my schooling days..Girls do fight for a guy's heart..:P)?
If there is a girl who will do anything for me, i really do loves her so much and will be hers' forever. No joke. I will make her to be my wife someday(when the time is right for sure..;) )

But..where is the love???

My Father's Birthday tomorrow???  

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Tomorrow is my dad's birthday..
Talking about birthday, mesti sume terfikir ttg kek dan hadiah.. Wah..memang meriah la kalau ade party n etc.. But the main thing yg slalu wat hal kpd kite sume ialah.. Hadiah pe nk bg ek?
These days pasal dressing bkn jd 1 mslah dah..pakaian xkene pd tempatnye pn lyn jer kan..biase la tue..Bdk2 zaman skg..(mcm la im excluded..:P)
But today will be my turn to think about what present should i give to my dad.. Nk bg yg mahal2, xde duit.. maklum la..student.. Kalau bli murah2, sah2 la sok luse dah rosak n sume sakit ati..
But beg in mind the present should be simple and bermakna..And once again..pe yg nk dibeli ek?hehe..:D
Kalau la diikutkan hati n i got no limitation with moey..nak je belikan my dad a shiney porshe or an attractive ferrari for him.. Duh.. Just angan2 jer.. yela.. Our parent kan jaga n bela kite dari kecik..it is priceless..xde bende yg bleh diberi ganti dgn sume tue..
Okay2..back to the main story.. actually i wanna buy a present for him tonight.. Dah plan dari last week.. But trase takot plak nk bli..hehe..mcm nk jwb final exam plak.. hehe.. Bkn ape.. Im afraid that present doesnt suit him jer..
Nways, all the best for me..
And Happy Birthday Abah..:)
May Allah bless you always..Insyaallah..:)


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Its been ages i didn't play basketball..actually basketball was 1 of my fav sport during high school and i had represented my school for couple of times..other than that are soccer, futsal, badminton, athlete and etc.
Nak dijadikan cerita..td my friend and i went to play basketball..best gler ar..walaupn da lame xmain..but its still fun throwing the ball into the basket..walaupn perlu dimengakukan bahawa 'skill'ku telah banyak terhilang entah..but ade la cket2 yg bleh digunapakai lg..but yg ketara..aku da xleh score 3pointer like i always did..:( dpt score 3pointer pn 2 kali je drp 10 percubaan..hampeh btol..mmg aku da xlayak utk bermimpi nk jd MVP(Most Valuable Player) lagi dah lah..So sad..
Tp td yg sedihnye i forgot to bring my shoe..mmg berkaki ayam la.nk pakai sandle,mmg licin..Berkaki ayam pn td da jatuh skali..it was my fault..tergelincir..duh..:(
But tyme main td,i've meet a friend back to my secondary school..xsngka bley trjmpe td..
pape pn..conclusionnye main td mmg best but memenatkan..xlupe gak td i've been picked up an foot injury..terseliuh time main td..xtaw la ble ley baik nie..hurm..:(


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Oh..hari nie sungguh memenatkan..
pg td study smpai xsedar dah kul 4pagi..OMG..my class will be b at 8.30am..mmg jem la..dgn kene bgn subuh lg..nsb baik xterlepas subuh..tp xcukup tdo la..alarm fone pn asyik ditekan 'snooze' jer..n sedar2 dah 8.10..cmne nie?mandi pn da 30min..urgh..lyn jerla..lmbt pn lmbt la..jnji mandi tue wajib..hehe..tyme lmbt2 tue smpat gak dgr lagu 'everyday' by bon jovi..lagu nie cm bg smngt kpdku setiap hari utk memulakn hari yg bru..
klass bis kul 12.20 cm2 la..
blk klas g solat jumaat plak..pas2 trus g cari digital mall..fuh..pnye la pnat mencari..rupe2 mall tue da byk kali da aku lalu..just xperasan..haha..rase cm nk langgar je mall tue..:P
mlm plak kul 8.30pm g main badminton kt Bkt Jelutong..pastu dlm kul 9.30 trus mengejar g sec17 utk main futsal plak..nsb baik dpt score byk.kalau x..mmg tension gak la..haha..But Robin van Persie will always be my idol..cmne la die pnye turning pnye la lawa..i wish i can play like him..but unlucky me cz i wont get even near to his standart..he is prolific striker n a goals scoring mechine..