Tahun baru  

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Tuesday,December 30, 2008

Hari ini dalam sejarah.. Nak tahu kenapa??
Mestila sebab nie la my first blog yang berbahasa melayu..ini semua angkara si Maz yg mengutuk grammer saya di blog sebelum ini..cess..Now da malu la nk buat dlm English..hehe..

Actually tujuan blog nie ditulis adalah untuk mengongsikn pengalaman saya beberapa hari ini..
Pejam celik pejam celik dah nak masuk tahun baru..2009...Bagi saya tahun 2009 akan beri banyak erti dalam hidup ini..yang pasti..takde perempuan yang akan musnahkan hidup saya lagi..saya dah jadi memilih dalam bab berkawan nie...
So sesiapa yang nak poyo sgt tu..,nak lost contact dengan saya pun dipersilakan la yer..xde nak marah..its your own choice..tapi jangan la nak cari balik kite time susah nanti yer..I will never look behind okay..;P

2009 nie saya rasa saya nak berubah..saya nak ubah sikap saya..itu yang penting..tapi macam mana?hurm..susah gak ni..
Tapi Insyaallah saya tahu..Allah pasti akan hantar seseorang kepada saya untuk menolong saya berubah..Niat untuk benda yang baik Insyaallah akan dimakbulkan..Amin..:D

2009 nie..hurm..saya nak dapatkan my first dean's list dalam pelajaran saya..Tak mustahil tapi tak senang juga...

2009 gak saya nak..jumpe kawan kawan saya yang dah lama saya tak jumpe..biarlah paling kurang pun sekali tahun 2009 ni..tapi kalau boleh nak jumpa semua sekali..
Ramai kawan kawan saya..tapi tak ramai yang kekal sampai sekarang kan..nak wat camne..Its my destiny..haha

okay la guys..Saya dah beritahu azam azam saya..macam mana pula azam kawan kawan semua?
hope lagi gempak dari saya keh?because saya tahu..Awak yang tengah membaca ni adalah kawan yang saya tak nak lost contact..:)
Nice to know you..:)Saya tahu sape yang akan baca blog nie..Saya doakan anda berjaya dalam apa jua bidang yang anda ceburi..Insyaallah..
Jumpa lagi nanti yer..kalau bleh nanti kita jumpa masing masing ada kerjaya yang hebat..

My Second Hand..LOL..  

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2245,Monday,December 1st 2008.
Today is just an ordinary day, same as my other days on this holiday.
Felt so bored till i could feel the air is no longer provide me with the ordinary oxygen..
But i can say that this day is half great and the other is not..
As always..I wake up at 6am to perform my subuh prayer and i fall asleep on the dot after i finish my prayer..i will wake up at 12 noon as usual..
Today i could say that i'm so lucky..nobody disturb my sleep..lol..
At 12 noon..wah..i can feel my body is so energetic..
But unlucky me..i cannot do most of my plan which had been planned yesterday..
I already planned to renew my Identity Card(My Card).Then i want to upgrade my Maybank card so i can use debit card as well..After that i've plan to go visiting the mall.. And lastly i've planned to jog or having some training so that i can gain my fitness level..But it's all just a plan..I'm not done with any of them..:(
Gosh..Am i a real looser in my life..?Only Allah know it all..I'm just His tiny little slayer who still searching for the truth of himself..
In the end of the day..,as my lullaby i will hear the songs from my laptop to make me feel sleepy..
But most of the songs remind me of my memories..Ya..there are so much painful memories and not to forget bout the happy momments..
Guys..I will always remember our mommentos..till the end of my breath shall i..
Girls..even you all always make my life up side down..but there are some who always make up my day and try their best to make a smile on my face even it is a fakie one..Thanks..

My first Post..  

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Today,1st December,0415..
I write my first post of my blogger..
Hurm..Why am i create this blog? Hurm.. I dunno.. Just feel like want to write bout myself at this particular time..

Okay.. For the introduction.People call me Bart or sometimes Bad..But im not a bad guy..lol..
I was born on 22nd of July 1987 at Bukit Mertajam,Penang.
That a bit about me,I'll let you know more bout me in the next post..:)

It is just 2 hours after Arsenal beating Chelsea 2-1 at Stamfort Bridge and i still campaign a bit..
Eventhough im happy, but i can't hide my feeling that im worry about my result..
Allah..I hope that i can pass all my paper..InsyaAllah..
Today mean that im home almost 2 weeks and im not hanging out with my friends yet..I dunno..Just feel so lazy to call them and disturb their sweet holiday..
Within this two weeks at home, all that i can say was im so lonely.. I wonder where is my Mrs cinderela right now..Is it she exist..? Or maybe she isn't..
Gosh..I am so looser..Why i stay this way?I wish that someday i will be the lucky one..InsyaAllah..