Away for a while~  

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I will be gone for a while..
Going back to my hometown in Kedah.
I will MIA (missing in action) about a week maybe..
Means no internet within that period of time..
Oh I will miss you all..

Do keep on blogging okay.
Can't wait to read your new stories.. :)

Nways, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha..
Moga raya anda dipenuhi kemeriahan dan ketenangan, Insyaallah..

Till then,

My holiday 'job'..  

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Its almost 2 weeks i'm on my semester break..
But yet still nothing to do much.

Last week, i had decide to join my friend in a competition which is IID(Invention, Innovation and Design).
This competition is organized by RMI(Research Management Institute).
Participants have about 2 months to prepare with a product and will be presenting early next year (12-14 January 2010) at Dewan Sri Budiman & Annexe, UiTM Shah Alam.
For more info about this competition, just click here.

So, maybe i'll be busy these few days because of researching and understanding about my project..
We try to invent something about turbine.
Hope we will make it.. :)

Till then,

Mazda RX-8  

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Ptg kwn aku ajak kuar jln..
Nk tgk wayang katenye..
Pnye aku tnggu kete kancil silver beliau tb2..
Mazda RX-8 yg dibawa!
Kitorg g sunway tgk cite 2012..
Mmg aku a bit trkezut n jelez..
Mane x nyer.. Tu kete fav aku wayh..
Mamat tu plak sebaya dgn aku..
Ko tnggu la 1 hr nnt..
Aku nk pakai gak kete cm ko..
N mybe lbh best dr tu.. haha!!
Pic nnt aku bubuh..
Skg still trase taksub dgn kete ko td.. :D
Tnggu la end of next year aku nk kuarkn kete bru gak..
kete ape??
xleh gtaw lg.. tgh dlm plan. But for sure setaraf or mybe lbh mahal la..
Just wait n see.. :)

Im sick (-.-)  

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I felt so unwell this morning..
Its all started since yesterday..
Urgh.. I hate it so much..
Have to cancel many plans due to my sickness..
But sorry my friends.. I didn't tell you guys bout this..
I gave another reason instead..

Bile la nk baek demam nih.. hurm..

till then,

50 days to go..  

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When we talk about new year, most of us will think about countdown, celebration, their new year hope and whatsoever..

It is crawling inside my mind too.. haha!
Oh i just cant wait for 2010 to begin soon..
Lots of plan to be made and to be done.

One thats for sure is i want to stay focus on my study. yea..
And hopefully next year also will mature me a bit more than this year.
I want to achieve every single thing that i wanted..
Just like when i'm a young boy a long time ago..
when i used to work harder each passing days to fulfill my needs..

Another thing is i want to start a new life..
Begin a new chapter of my life..
a life without an alibi..
a life without a backstabber..
a life without a coherent..
a life without a doubt
and a life without any disturbance at all.

Cuz I wanna be what i wanna be.
I am Bart.

Till then,

Why 'C'est La Vie'?  

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C'est La Vie?

I know many people will wondering what the hack is that and why i used that words as my blog's name..

The answer is simple.. C'est La Vie are the french words which mean 'it is the life'. Or maybe we can say 'this is life'
c'est = it is
la = the
vie = life

In my opinion, not all of us can accept the fact that life is so great but sometimes it is unexpected. So, expect the unexpected.

Till then,

The end of Semester 4..  

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Finally it was the end of semester 4 of my degree study.
Eventhough it is still not finish, but i already finish my final exam papers.
Many things that can be describe now.. Relishing, relaxing, and of course all the great feeling that i've never feel for the past few months..

Oh at this momment i really dont wanna think bout result..
mengarot jer.. maybe it will make my happy momment turn upside down. oh please dont! :P

So, enjoy your holiday people~

till then,


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mlm td aku mengamuk besar.

argh!! aku xkesahla nape..
but for sure bnde2 cni membuatkn aku morale down.
aku pnye smngt pn da back to the earth.
bodo btol la fitnah nih!!
sgt2 effect aku pnye study progression ok!

aku jarang mengamuk. tp bnde nih mmg aku sgt2 trase..


mood : bengang, sedih & serik.


3 down, 1 more to go~ :D  

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Trase sgt2 tenang walaupn da melalui 3 papers in 4 days.
can u believe that?? haha!
but now the study mode with its mood tu mcm keep on going plak..
tb2 brsemangat ble tnggl 1 paper lg..
Hope to do well..
n 1 more thing that i wanna share with u guys today ialah..

try to imagine kalau org yg prtama discover ttg electric nie wujud..
rasenye ape la pengganti electricity erk? :P

saje terbitkn this quest..
sempena my last final exam paper which is electrical power and mechines.
renung2kan lah bersama..
kalau ade idea, bg la jwpnnye..
really wanna know ur answer(s)

p/s: all the best for ur final exams. N for khairi afiq, all the best fer ur epe491(aku taw ko bkn code tu. tp lyn jerla.. haha!

till then,