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Today,1st December,0415..
I write my first post of my blogger..
Hurm..Why am i create this blog? Hurm.. I dunno.. Just feel like want to write bout myself at this particular time..

Okay.. For the introduction.People call me Bart or sometimes Bad..But im not a bad
I was born on 22nd of July 1987 at Bukit Mertajam,Penang.
That a bit about me,I'll let you know more bout me in the next post..:)

It is just 2 hours after Arsenal beating Chelsea 2-1 at Stamfort Bridge and i still campaign a bit..
Eventhough im happy, but i can't hide my feeling that im worry about my result..
Allah..I hope that i can pass all my paper..InsyaAllah..
Today mean that im home almost 2 weeks and im not hanging out with my friends yet..I dunno..Just feel so lazy to call them and disturb their sweet holiday..
Within this two weeks at home, all that i can say was im so lonely.. I wonder where is my Mrs cinderela right now..Is it she exist..? Or maybe she isn't..
Gosh..I am so looser..Why i stay this way?I wish that someday i will be the lucky one..InsyaAllah..

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