3 down, 1 more to go~ :D  

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Trase sgt2 tenang walaupn da melalui 3 papers in 4 days.
can u believe that?? haha!
but now the study mode with its mood tu mcm keep on going plak..
tb2 brsemangat ble tnggl 1 paper lg..
Hope to do well..
n 1 more thing that i wanna share with u guys today ialah..

try to imagine kalau org yg prtama discover ttg electric nie wujud..
rasenye ape la pengganti electricity erk? :P

saje terbitkn this quest..
sempena my last final exam paper which is electrical power and mechines.
renung2kan lah bersama..
kalau ade idea, bg la jwpnnye..
really wanna know ur answer(s)

p/s: all the best for ur final exams. N for khairi afiq, all the best fer ur epe491(aku taw ko bkn code tu. tp lyn jerla.. haha!

till then,

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negara barat pakai tenaga nuklear penganti elektrik, tp still kene balajar litar gak kalo x mcm mane nak dpt sumber letrik tue..

2 je la yg aku tau...

sape2 yg rase ilmu lg tinggi dr aku jom la share2.. :)

x rugi pon... :)

November 3, 2009 at 9:18 PM

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