What will you do if the time stop ticking?  

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Its all happened at 8.30pm just now..
im in my ride.. i was driving at that particular time..
When im about to view the clock to determine what time at that moment, suddenly..

It is still 8.30pm even i already drove for about 10km far from my initial place.'
My routine before start driving is i usually look at the time. And im quite sure i start driving at 8.30..
Erm.. wanna know what plays on my mind on that time? Check this out! :P

1)Huh?? adakah aku jd sepantas kilat? tp..*checking everyone around* sume same laju je cam aku.. haha..
2)adakah aku melalui deja-vu? Hurm.. cm xde yg serupa jer.. xpenah lalui saat ini.. :P
3)Maybe.. masa brhnti.. * checking around back for confirmation* tp.. sume org bergerak.. :(
4) how bout connection with 'time traveller'? ah ngarut.. xnmpk Hiro Nakamura plak around.. :P
5)Hurm.. adakah jam aku yg rosak? *checking my hp's clock* Mmg sah. Jam kete aku yg xgerak. die hanging plak. haha..

So, moral values from this story is ble jd sumthin, kite msti wat andaian yg beyond from what exactly happened. Ianya trjadi sb kite tlah dididik utk berusaha memikir bersungguh2 and lg 1 sb byk pengaruh tv.. Haha..


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ko nie bad....
mcm2 hal lah ko nie...

August 13, 2009 at 4:06 AM

moral value nye- selalu tgk jam..n pastikan bateri dia ok..

August 13, 2009 at 1:13 PM

lawak la bile masuk bab hiro Nakamura tue...

kan best g kelas terbang jer mcm abang peter tue... huahahah...

a yah susah2 naik keter...

August 13, 2009 at 2:02 PM

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