Things dont always turn out that way~  

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p/s : bace cite nie sambil dgr lagu 'things dont always turn out that way - The calling' ye.. ;)

Every night before im going to bed,
i always keep thinkin of something..
maybe many things perhaps..
but the biggest thing is i never do anything right..
always bad in ur vision.. :(

but u never know that u are everythin' to me..
toss and tilt me and u will discover everything that im dying for..
that i always wanna say to you that 'i love you'
but i cant and i will never have the brave to say it out..
and maybe things dont always turn out that way..

so, let it always be inside my mind..
maybe forever..
cuz i know u will never like it..
i wont say it again..
just like 'my dear' n 'miss' thingy..
Because things dont always turn out that way..


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