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Its been ages i didn't play basketball..actually basketball was 1 of my fav sport during high school and i had represented my school for couple of times..other than that are soccer, futsal, badminton, athlete and etc.
Nak dijadikan my friend and i went to play gler ar..walaupn da lame xmain..but its still fun throwing the ball into the basket..walaupn perlu dimengakukan bahawa 'skill'ku telah banyak terhilang entah..but ade la cket2 yg bleh digunapakai lg..but yg ketara..aku da xleh score 3pointer like i always did..:( dpt score 3pointer pn 2 kali je drp 10 percubaan..hampeh btol..mmg aku da xlayak utk bermimpi nk jd MVP(Most Valuable Player) lagi dah lah..So sad..
Tp td yg sedihnye i forgot to bring my shoe..mmg berkaki ayam la.nk pakai sandle,mmg licin..Berkaki ayam pn td da jatuh was my fault..tergelincir..duh..:(
But tyme main td,i've meet a friend back to my secondary school..xsngka bley trjmpe td..
pape pn..conclusionnye main td mmg best but memenatkan..xlupe gak td i've been picked up an foot injury..terseliuh time main td..xtaw la ble ley baik nie..hurm..:(

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