Aku seorang yg 'bee-zee' skg!!! :D  

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Sorry all cz its been ages i didnt update my blog. Jgn marah.. Nnt kene jual! :P

Oh...this few days sgt2 memenatkan..
n upcoming days nie lg la penat. huh!
da mcm buruh kasar jdnye..:P

antara yg blum settle for this week..
1)writing report utk BEL msti disiapkn hari nie gak! (wednesday)
2)presentation utk report BEL next week.
3)script utk lakonan kelas german sblm jumaat.
4)lakonan utk kelas german kene submit jumaat dpn
5)test lektrik sok( thursday)
6)siapkn assignment Catia b4 next monday
7)test agama next monday
8)study utk test CAD.
9)assignment fluid yg still xtaw soalan lg..:D

hurm.. n the most important thing to do is study fer ma final exams!!
adeh.. ada paper on 29oct, 31oct, 1 oct n 8oct.
wish me luch yea~
n best wishes goes to u yg nk amek final exam too~

till then,

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Yeah Bad..
Smoga bjaya dlm exam awk nnt ye..
Bkn utk exam ni je, tp utk exam2 yg akn dtg.. ;)
Pastikan awk xde fail tau kali ni..

October 14, 2009 at 12:59 PM

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