What is my love character?  

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Pagi td aku buka facebook aku..
Cm biasa la.. Layan quizes.. Tb2 ade 1 quiz nie aku jwb n wat aku trfikir sejenak..
Erm.. btol gak pe yg die ckp ttg aku.. N mmbr aku wat pn ramai yg ckp btol pe result yg diorg dpt..
So..,quiz yg aku wat td, nie la jwpnnye..

I am 'The Self-Less Lover'

You love truly, madly, deeply …selflessly … With every fibre of your being Your love is intense but does not necessarily need to be reciprocated You are saving yourself for someone special When in love …your love knows no boundaries There is nothing that you won’t do for your special person And that person will respect other people’s feelings In the same way that you do You never compromise your love honesty and integrity Or the enormous loving and nurturing qualities you have. You always have time for others. When it comes to matters of love You freely give insight and guidance to others And deliver the message of true love You will recognise your soul-mate from the first kiss. However you do not give your real kisses freely just to anyone You will use romance to create the right atmosphere But not in a manipulative way… your aim is true. You will never play games with people’s feeling For you, true romance is found in the eyes of your lover. When you do find the one you seek. You will need no one else in your life. When you love, your love is legendary. Others are envious of your strength and ability to give. Your love is often discussed, admired and held up as inspiration for others.

Pe lg, kpd sesiapa yg ade facebook acc n nk try, go to this link..
Have some fun!! :)


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