Memorable Thursday..  

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Smlm my family members sume blk kg. Surely i akn sgt bosan tnggal sorng2.. Nk wat ape?? Ntahla..
Dlm tgh hr tue, ade gak song msg.. tnye 'watpe'. N we msg dlm 3 or 4 replys.. Then die dah nk kuar dgn mmbr die n i become bosan again..
Dlm kul 1pm cm2, i call my best buddy at Matrik dlu Marzuki Sultan.. :) I asking him cuti ke hr nie? die study kt MAS in engineering gak.. Baiki Aeroplane.. Then die ckp free n ajak kuar with his friends..This two guys; a chinese and a malay.. Aku pn, okay la.. Lyn..
Dlm kul3 aku smpai OU.. Diorg dah msuk GSC n berlari gak aku utk msuk.. Haha.. Kitorg tgk cite Terminator Salvation.. Overall cite nie boley tahan la.. Agak mendebarkan ye.. Haha..

Tyme kuar drp wayang, tb2 aku trserempak dgn Affizul with his awek kan.. Alamak, die dah trkantoi dgn aku plak kan.. Ade bahan nk fire die nnt.. Haha..
Pas2 kitorg trus g mkn kt McD.. Sembang2 pnye sembang, tb2 mmbr Marzuki tue wat plan nk tgk another movie.. I was like 'r u guys serious??' Then kitorg btol2 ke cinema tue.. N mmbr Marzuki yg Chinese tue line up utk bli tickets while yg lain sume g solat jap.. Ble abis solat, kitorg trus g cinema tue n choose the movie.. Kitorg tgk Night at the Museum 2. Its a funny story.. But Night at the Museum 1 lbh mendebarkan.. Yg this time die cm dah taw bnde2 tue akn idup after midnight. So, xde babak yg suspen sgt..

I was very enjoy gone out with them. Tp dikala tgh enjoy, tb2 aku tringt sumone.. Tmpt nie la our 1st date.. Erm.. I want to text her and say that i kat OU and my memories with u kt cni tb2 cm dtg bergolek2 jer.. Really2 missed those moments.. It will always stay in my memories now and forever..


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